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What is THC Vape Juice?

THC vape juice (also called 420 vape juice) is a liquid that is made by extracting the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from fresh cannabis flowers using CO2 or alcohol extraction and processed into the form of vape juice that can be smoked with a weed vaporizer, vape mod box, or any other type of concentrate vaping device. While typical marijuana strains have a THC content between 12-35%, THC vape juice can contain up to 80% THC; That's why vaping weed vape juice will get you much higher than smoking dry cannabis flower.

Medical uses Of THC Vape Juice

THC vape juice is beneficial and safe for your health. Medicinal science has demonstrated it. Some THC vape juice medical uses are:
* Provides pain relief: Pain relief is one of the top medical benefits of THC; More than 1.5 billion people worldwide live with chronic pain. Many of these individuals suffer from neuropathic pain or nerve-related pain. Studies show that the cannabis compound activates pathways in the central nervous system that block pain signals from being sent to the brain.
* Eases Nausea & Vomiting
* Protects Brain Cells
* Effective Sleep Aid
* Treat PTSD
* Increases Appetite
* Antibacterial
* Anti-inflammatory
* Antioxidant
* Potential anti-tumor agent
* Muscle relaxant.

How To Use THC Vape Juice?

The best and the safest way to use THC vape juice is with a vape pen, e-cigarette device, or some other kind of portable vaporizing unit. One of the many nice things about vaporizers and vape pens is that you don’t have to consume all the THC liquid right away. It’s not like a joint, blunt, or Thai stick that, once blazing, you should smoke to the end.
With a vape pen, you can take one hit, set it aside, and a few minutes later, come back and take another hit. So you can really experience how many tokes it takes to get you good and high.

What Are The Effects Of THC Vape Juice?

Because THC vape juice is basically concentrated THC, the effects will be the same as you experienced when smoking a high-THC strain. Common effects of THC vape juice are:
* Relaxed
* Happy
* Sleepy
* Euphoric
* Uplifted
* Hunger
Are There Any Side Effects Of THC Vape Juice?
As with all THC products, there is always the potential for a really bad sensation. Because THC vape juice is made from high THC cannabis strains, and they contain a very little CBD, CBN, or CBG percentage. These cannabinoids temper the effects of THC and make it more enjoyable. Without these cannabinoids, too much THC can cause:
* Debilitating anxiety
* Paranoia
* Vomiting
* Unconsciousness. The intensity of those effects depends in large part on your metabolism, body composition, and a whole host of other factors.

Is THC Vape Juice Legal?

The legality of THC vape juice mostly depends on where you live. Some states have legalized both recreational and medicinal marijuana, while other states have only legalized medicinal marijuana. If you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal like Colorado, California, Washington, or Oregon, you will have no problems to purchase THC vape juice legally at your local dispensary. If you live in a state where only medical marijuana is legal like Michigan or Florida, you will need to see a doctor to get a prescription in order to purchase any THC-based cannabis products.

What is Marijuana Vape Pen?

A marijuana vape pen is a compact, pen-shaped vaporizer or a small box designed specifically to vaporize cannabis concentrates, dry cannabis flower, and oils. Marijuana vape pen consist of 3 pieces: mouthpiece, atomizer and battery.

Mouthpiece: This component makes vaping comfortable by giving you a tip where you can draw vapor from with your mouth. Some devices have a cylindrical mouthpiece that allows maximum vapor to escape into your mouth.

Atomizer: The atomizer is typically housed within the device’s tank. The atomizer is the component that converts vape juice into vapor. Within the atomizer is a vape coil, surrounded by a wicking material. Vape juice is drawn into the coil through the wicking material, heated, and turned into vapor. Like most devices, the coil will need to be changed frequently, as they will begin to wear out after a couple of weeks usage. Usually, there are air holes on the top or bottom of the vape tank, allowing air to be pulled into the device. Adjustable airflows allow users to customize how much air is allowed to flow through. By closing off the airflow, users can eliminate any air from mixing with the vapor while opening it completely cools the vapor down and provides a more airy hit.

Battery: The largest vape pen component is the battery which makes up the body of the device. Temperature and wattage controlled devices have circuit boards that can manage the power output of the battery. This gives users a range of wattages, providing a more customized vaping experience. For vape pens, batteries are usually built into the device. This is different from other mods, like box mods, in which the battery can be removed and charged separately.

Vaping is a convenient, discreet way for users to consume marijuana, which is appealing to many patients and customers. Many vape pens are designed to fit in small places, such as pockets and purses, and the vapor that’s emitted is often odorless. Since many people also vape tobacco products, using a vape pen to consume marijuana is not easily detectable.

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