Buying Cannabis Concentrates Online

The Complete Guide to Buying Cannabis Concentrates Online

The world that revolves around cannabis and its use is quite diverse. You can use this magical plant in many different forms. One of the ways how you can try or use cannabis is via cannabis concentrates. Others include cannabis buds, cannabis edibles, and even cannabis beverages. Cannabis concentrates are taking the market by storm. You may have heard of some of these concentrates, including CBD oil, shatter, and dabs, among others. However, these are just a few of them. To gain a better understanding of this broad classification, here is a complete guide to buying marijuana concentrates online.

Defining a Concentrate

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The concentrate is the final product of an extraction process. The extracted product contains high levels of the intended outcomes, in this case, cannabinoids. Therefore, after growing the cannabis plant from pure cannabis seeds, the cannabis plant undergoes an extraction process. Excess plant matter elimination occurs, and the substance left is a concentration of the final product such as CBD oil and other dominant terpenes.

However, there are some cannabis concentrates that do not undergo the extraction process. They retain the natural form of the cannabis plant or trichomes but are further enhanced using other concentrated cannabis products such as CBD oil extracted from plants that are grown using best hydroponic nutrients for weed. An example of a non-extract concentrate is Hash.

Different types of cannabis concentrate

There are two types of cannabis concentrates produced via extraction. These include those that use solvents in their extractions process and those that do not use solutions.
The non-solvent cannabis concentrates
These are concentrates whose extraction process involves high temperatures or heat in combination with pressure.

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Kief is a cannabis concentrate composed of trichomes from different cannabis flowers. To make kief, you need an operational grinder with an essential kief catcher in store. Grind the trichomes with water, drain through silk, and separate water from the ground kief. Pass through a coffee filter, remove the excess water. Spread the remaining kief and let it dry. Your kief concentrate is now ready.

Hash is an improved form of kief. It undergoes compression to reduce the moisture content further and increase potency levels. Through this process, the density level of the Hash is much higher. It makes it one of the most sought after cannabis concentrate around the world. You can easily find it online with reliable sellers such as getkush.

Charas is another concentrate with similar characteristics to Hash. The significant difference is that charas production involves fresh cannabis plant cuttings. Rosin Hash extraction uses cannabis trichomes or flowers directly in their raw state. The final product rival butane oil even though no butane is present in this process.

Solvent concentrates

These concentrates are available due to the presence of a liquid (solution) with the ability to dissolve the cannabinoids. Some of the common solvents individuals use include alcohol, carbon IV oxide, propane, and butane. The concentrates further classification is about their consistencies without any links to the extraction process. These include:
Shatter has a texture whose appearance is glass-like. Once you apply pressure, it shatters into smaller pieces. To make it involves avoiding too much movement during extraction. It preserves the glassy appearance.

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Carbon IV oxide oil is a concentrate that continues to grow in popularity. The extraction process carries no risks. It ensures high yields in final products, and cannabinoid separation is easier.

Wax consistency is a bit thick, soft to the touch, and opaque, allowing very little light to pass through. It can be quite sticky and is yellowish. You can smoke it or use a vaporizer.

Honeycombs or crumble are waxy types of cannabis extracts. The difference is that they crumble and have a brittle texture. In appearance, they have a similar look to an actual honeycomb.

Budder is an essential beginner extract for individuals doing it for the first time. It is not as potent as shatter, but it is still easy to put into practice.

Butane Hash oil or BHO is a concentrate whose extraction process involves the use of butane. It is a significant ingredient in most of the discussed types of solvent-based cannabis concentrates.

Propane Hash Oil or PHO is a cannabis concentrate whose extraction process involves the use of propane. Both propane and butane carry the risk of fires as they are not only toxic but also flammable.


They are the purest and most potent cannabis concentrates. Their extraction process involves the removal of all unwanted cannabinoids, such as terpenes, THC, etc. The remaining crystal-like isolates contain 99% of the necessary active form of cannabinoids.

Cannabis Distillates

Cannabis distillate is a distilled form of cannabis extract. It is a product that undergoes the distillation process to produce a much pure substance than before. Its consistency is similar to that of flowing honey.

Cannabis concentrate: the prices

Purchasing your cannabis concentrate online can be a precarious matter. Some websites can ask for a too high price for a too low-quality product. Determining which price is right and which concentrate is of quality nature makes the process much more complicated, thus the precariousness. However, an equal price isn’t realistic, and the differences in rates are usually about different brands. Here are some of the average prices for different cannabis concentrates available on the market today.

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The cheapest types of cannabis concentrate online include Hash, kief, and cannabis waxes. Using the grinder makes the price relatively affordable. However, for chemically extracted concentrates, the price goes a bit higher with Hash topping the list at $100 per gram.

Rosin, CBD oil, and Shatter prices are the highest per gram. They range from $40 to around $60. Depending on the company and brand whose shatter or rosin you are about to purchase, the price may differ but is within this range.

However, if your interests lie in finding the perfect Hash oil for your evening vape, you may have to part with approximately $50 per gram. Pure THC derived oils are the most expensive, with their prices going all the way to $60 per gram. It represents around 32ml of the THC oil.

Distillates, crystalline, and other pure forms of isolates cost a bit more in comparison to any other cannabis concentrate. To achieve the desired effect, you need to have a lesser amount in comparison to different CBD concentrates. The prices for a gram of distillate can go as high as $120.


Cannabis concentrates vary in type, extraction process, and the solvents applicable. Therefore, it is essential to try all the concentrates and find one that suits you better. However, it would be best if you exercise caution while at it. Some of these concentrates can be highly potent, and your body might not be ready to take it.