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Pulse Carts

Pulse Carts Guava Runtz

5.00 out of 5
THC Percentage: 96%

Pulse carts real or fake

Pulse Carts are pure cannabis vape oil cartridges with a THC percentage of 93% contained in a ceramic core pyrex glass. The pulse cart is discreet, simple to use, and safe for your health. It doesn't contain pesticides and filler. Pulse Carts Delta-9 THC are solvent-free with no PG, VG, Vitamin-E or additives. Pulse Carts are real and manufactured by a legit company.

The Pulse 1000 mg lab-tested cartridge is built on the idea of making the highest quality products for every mood and occasion with a flavour variety based on over 38 strains. Some Pulse Carts flavors include Gelato, Do-si-Dos, Dirty sprite, Apple Jacks, Mamba OG, Orange Burst, etc.

Pulse Disposable Carts

The Pulse disposable cart has a 510 thread battery to adjust the hitting temperature. The pulse cartridges enhances the flavour of the liquid and prevents your device from burning out. It features Never Burn technology, which reduces heat as you draw, allowing for a smooth, consistent hit.

Pulse Carts properties

Medical: Stress, Depression, Nausea
Effects: Relaxing, Energizing, Euphoria
  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pulse cart is the best thc cart i have tested! thanks.

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