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Medi-Wiet CBD Oil 1.5%

Medi-Wiet CBD Oil 1.5%

5.00 out of 5
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Flavour: Honey
Brand: Medi-Wiet
Amount: 10ml -220 Drops
Percentage CBD: 1.5%
CBD: 300mg CBD

Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana (Medi-Wiet) was founded in the nineties by Wernard Bruining. The non-profit organization is especially involved in research on the possibilities of diluted medicinal cannabis oil. Wernard discovered this method himself; the possibility to use the cannabis medically, without getting high. Wernard and the non-profit organization Medical Marijuana regard it important that you can take care of yourself with self-care products. They consider this a universal right and a wise choice, CBD-expert supports this and stands behind this truthful message.
The CBD oil of non-profit organization Medi-Wiet contains 1.5% CBD and CBDA. The oil is available in bottles with 10 and 20ml content. A bottle of 10ml contains ~220 drops. Non-profit organization Medi-Wiet (Medical Marijuana) has become a concept in the Netherlands. Founder Wernard Bruining has been involved for years in the medical benefits of hemp in general. He also brought this Medical Marijuana oil on the market in the Netherlands. This CBD oil, also called Golyoli, combines all wholesome effects of pure CBD, CBDA, hemp seed oil and olive oil.

How to use Medi-Wiet CBD Oil

Use below the tongue: CBD oil should be taken in under the tongue. This to accelerate the uptake by the body. There are products with a nicer taste than CBD Oil, yet this is the pure natural taste. Difficulties to get used to it? Take in the CBD oil in a piece of bread and eating the bread directly is a common method.recommended dosage for Medi-Wiet CBD oil 4% is 1 to 3 drops, up to three times per day. You best save the oil in a dark and cool spot. You should shake the oil well before use. Note that you should always screw on the cap tightly, before shaking.
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