how to make marijuana e liquid

Few Instructions for make THC Vape Juice Easily at Home

During the early days of vaping when Mouth –To – Lung vaping was common, all one needed to be two coils and a 10 ml bottle of their favorite e-liquid. With that single 10 ml bottle, users would vape for days before purchasing another bottle.
When sub-ohming was introduced especially after the atomizer entered the scene, vaping started to become popular. Before that, people were making their own coils but thanks to the popularity of vaping, more manufacturers began offering stylish, powerful and easy to use vaping accessories.
With increasing demand and the crafting of vaping accessories with high quality materials and components, vaping started to become expensive. The 10 ml e-liquid bottle that would last for days now lasted less than 24 hours.
This usage is attributed to the powerful coils which heated up the e-liquid allowing users to exhale large clouds. Today, vaping has become more expensive than smoking cigarettes.

That is not all.
Thanks to the high demand of vaping and the legalization of marijuana in different states in the US, manufacturers seized the opportunity of providing a product suitable for cannabis users – cannabis e-liquid. Instead of a joint, users have access to vaping accessories able to heat cannabis e-liquid.
Let’s face it.
We all have different tastes and preferences. As a result, many of us will opt to craft their own stuff be it food, beer, herbs and even cannabis e-liquid or THC vape juice. Today, you are going to learn how to make THC vape juice right at home. We have organized the tutorial into a step by step guide that is easy to understand.
Let’s start with the requirements.
Ingredients To Make Cannabis e-juice At Home

How to prepare cannabis e-liquid

Step One – Decarboxylation
This is where THCa contained in your fresh bud is converted into psychoactive THC. For this to be possible, you need aluminum foil placed on a baking sheet. Begin by grinding your bud and spread it over the aluminum foil. Start your oven and set to low/medium heat. The temperature should range between 110 to 120 degrees F. Proceed by placing the baking sheet with aluminum foil in the oven. Let it sit for 15 minutes allowing your buds to dry and turn light brown. Decarboxylation is now over. Take the baking sheet out of the oven and place the dry weed in one of the jars.
Step Two – Mix decarboxylated weed with alcohol
As headlined above, mix alcohol and decarboxylated weed in one of the jars. Make sure that the weed is completely covered by alcohol while in the jar. Also, keep the jar open. Head over to the preparation area and fill your pot with water. Measure the water to about 4 cm before pouring in the pot. Take the jar with the mixture of decarboxylated weed plus alcohol and place it in the pot with 4 cm of water. The reason you have to place the jar in a pot with water is to ensure that alcohol does not overheat. From your chemistry, you already know that alcohol has a low boiling point and when heated directly, it evaporates very quickly. Furthermore, it is highly inflammable so, be careful.
Step Three – Heat the mixture
Take the pot and place it over medium heat. Make sure that the area is well ventilated. Start by opening the windows or start the AC. The reason why we are boiling the mixture is to evaporate some of the alcohol. As the mixture boils, stir continuously. As you continue heating the mixture, the alcohol will begin to extract THC and other goodies from the decarboxylated weed. It is important to boil enough alcohol so as to ensure the weed is covered by alcohol. If the liquid starts to become darker, then it’s working. Add more alcohol to the jar as the initial alcohol evaporates. Remember to be careful while doing this. Alcohol is highly flammable.
Step Four – Filter the mixture
Now that the mixture has achieved the desired color, it’s time to take the pot from the stove and set it aside. Allow it to cool as you take the second jar, place the coffee filter over the mouth and prepare to pour the mixture. Once you have done this, take the second jar containing the filtered mix and place it in the pot with water. Re-boil the mixture over medium heat until only 5 ml of liquid remains in the jar. I know 5 ml is not the amount that you anticipated but this is highly concentrated. To check if it’s the right amount, use a sterilized syringe..
Step Five – Final mixing
Take your propylene glycol and add it to the filtered and concentrated cannabis mixture. Add 20 ml of propylene glycol to your 5 ml filtered mix. This will result in 25 ml of THC e-liquid. The color will turn dark green meaning it’s ready for use. Remember, you can always dilute the cannabis e-liquid with propylene glycol or you can re-heat the mixture to remove the remaining alcohol.
There you have it.
A step by step guide that is informative, easy to follow and helps you make THC vape juice right at home.
To finalize everything, place the cannabis e-liquid in your favorite vape pen cartridge. Use a syringe to complete the process above. The cannabis e-liquid contains cannabinoids which means it will pack a mean punch. You may experience a slight propylene glycol taste. This is normal as you will also taste cannabis. If you like, add more flavor.

5 Tips You Must Always Keep In Mind

1. Always select a well ventilated area before beginning the process of preparing cannabis e-liquid. This helps to remove the alcohol fumes from the room.
2. When using alcohol, remember, it’s highly inflammable. Handle with care.
3. Shop the ingredients from reputable stores that are licensed.
4. Clean the preparation accessories and dispose of the baking sheet and coffee filter after use.
5. Enjoy your homemade cannabis e-liquid. Add more flavors depending on your tastes and preferences.