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Imperial Extracts

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5.00 out of 5
THC Percentage: 97%

Imperial Extracts For Sale

You may have heard of imperial extracts carts, but what is it? These products are distilled solvent-free THC oil vape cartridges. The newly released brand Imperial Extracts uses modern extraction methods to ensure a high trichome content. Consider Lychee vape oil cartridge if you're looking for Indica-dominant vape carts. You can vape the imperial extracts oil straight to the cartridge or refill it in a vape pen.

Imperial Extracts Live Resin

Imperial Extracts Live Resin carts will never burn the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes in the vaping oil. The most potent strain is the Lychee hybrid, a sweet strain that will guide you through waves of relaxation. The earthy and fruity flavors and effects will give you a happy journey. Each lab-tested Imperial carts contains 1 full gram of premium distilled cannabis oil. They come in a convenient 510-C Cell Vape Cartridge.

Imperial Extracts Flavors

- Tropical thunder fuck
- Sour zkittles
- Lemonchello
- strawberry dream
- Yoda OG
- kosher kush

Imperial Extracts Carts properties

Taste: Citrus and sour flavor.
Effects: Creative, Happy, Euphoric
  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    imperial extracts carts are the best thc cart i have tested! thanks.

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